Nice things people have said about me

The below are reviews that have been posted on my Facebook business page. They show how I achieve my objective when working on GDPR compliance for sole traders and freelancers, which is to translate the regulations around data protection into language that is understandable and approachable.
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“I did Clive’s GDPR course and I was very impressed. I was worried that I would be bombarded with jargon I didn’t understand, but it was quite the opposite. Clive explained everything in simple terms and in a really interesting way. I totally recommend you get on this course, anyone with a small business needs this knowledge. 5⭐️”

“I have worked with Clive this week on GDPR. Clive has produced a privacy policy for my business and explained to me and my coworkers how it works. Asking me for all the information and mapping out a data map around my business. He was then able to explain it in a way that it makes sense to us all. Before working with Clive I really didn’t know a lot of this information and now I’m clear on what I need to do. Thank you Clive. I highly recommend.”

“I would highly recommend Clive at Alphi BI. He helped me with my privacy and cookie policy for my website. He took the time to explain everything, including GDPR law, in a really accessible way, and tailored everything to me and my business. Clive not only saved me a tonne of time and energy, he made me more knowledgeable and confident about how I interact with potential clients and my audience on my mailing list.”

“Clive was very knowledgable and patient in answering our questions on the topic of data protection. His presentation was useful and gave practical advice on what needed to be done after the call.”

“Clive helped has helped me with a privacy policy and cookies policy for my website. I was totally clueless, and somehow Clive translated all the jargon, and gave me an idiots guide as to what needed to be done! Very patient, very helpful, and obviously very knowledgeable! Thank you so much! I can stop frowning now!!!”

“Clive took great care in preparing for the call we had with him to review our privacy requirements. He had an excellent overview of our current policy, and understanding of our business needs. He covered the legal position and pointed out the areas which we needed to focus on from a business prospective. He was very patient answering our questions. He clearly is highly knowledgable. Following the call he too all the work out of the process for us by providing template wording for us to use. Thank you Clive – an excellent call and follow up. Highly recommend”

“Clive helped me to make all 3 of my businesses GDPR compliant and I couldn’t be more happy with the process or the result. Everything (including the contracts for the work) were easy to understand and not at all overwhelming. Clive pulled together all the necessary documents, as well as recommendations for moving forwards. I received full training on the topic, enabling me to keep on top of it all on my own in the future. All for a very reasonable price. And it’s great to know he’s only a phonecall away when I need any more advice / further help.
Highly recommend!”

“I have recently just finished a 1-2-1 online training session with Clive . The week before we had a chat and he ran through everything with me to make sure I was happy to go ahead with the training. Then a week later we had a live video training session where he explained everything I needed to know about gdpr . Ran through all of my privacy policy and explained what I can do if I ever need to amend it. Also a lot about what I need to know about my own data details being processed. Very thorough and well explained. It seemed scary before hand but I now really understand it all thanks to Clive.”

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