About Alpha BI

Alpha BI is me, Clive James.

With great power comes great responsibility… With OCD like mine I had to focus it on doing good or I would have had no choice but to become an evil genius, and with a degree in Theoretical Physics this was a real possibility!

I am obsessively organised and structured in my approach. In some areas of life this can be a handicap, but when it comes to data protection and information security it’s an extremely positive trait.

Leaving Newcastle University in 1998 I was left wondering what to do with my degree. Academia wasn’t the place for me, but it had given me a chance to learn how to really get the most from computers, and to spend a great deal of time analysing data.

As a result I ended up “working in IT” and held a variety of roles in the two decades following this, quickly progressing into project and programme management, again analysing data on project performance & metrics. Along with analysis, I have always had an interest and involvement in Data Protection, as it has always been a major consideration in the IT industry. (Did you know the UK has had a Data Protection Act since 1984? GDPR wasn’t all new in 2018…)

The knowledge and experience I gained from this enables me to make data protection painless for others so they can get on with doing what they do best. I do this by bringing the subject to life and putting it into the context of the business.

Language and terminology can be a barrier to communications in anything involving technology, so my approach is to explain things in plain language, explaining technical terms when it’s necessary to use them, and explaining using examples in a context that is engaging to the audience.

I get great satisfaction from coaching others and exploring subtleties of the regulations that govern processing of data and marketing.

Alpha BI